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Not robocop, but robojudge? A.I. learns to rule in human rights cases

An artificial intelligence system designed to predict the outcomes of cases at the European Court of Human Rights would side with the human judges 79% of the time.Then, for each alleged violation of an article of the convention, they examine the parties' submissions and the judges' evaluation of their merits, before concluding with the verdict or, in the court's terminology, the operative provisions.

Mel Gibson to Get Hollywood Director Award

As he mounts something of a directorial comeback, Mel Gibson has been chosen to receive the Hollywood Film Awards’ Hollywood Director Award.The prize will be handed at an awards ceremony to be hosted by James Corden on Nov.

World Athletics 2017: No evidence of Ed Warner's corruption claims - IAAF

Claims that the 2017 World Athletics Championships bidding process was corrupt will not be investigated further, the IAAF has said.London will stage the event but in January UK Athletics chairman Ed Warner said a "senior person with the IAAF" had told him about Qatari bribes being offered during the bid process in 2011.